The Cup is a metaphor for the Heart, and the Heart is a metaphor for the core of the Soul; it is the site of Divine Manifestation. Emptying The Cup is an expression found in all spiritual traditions that ultimately refers to resolving the source of human suffering. The Prophet Muhammad described very succinctly the nature mankind, saying that “The human being is like a vessel. It can only pour out what is already within it.” Based on the state of the Heart, the Mind creates concepts that we perceive as reality. If ultimately the concept of the world is one in which we suffer, it means that our spiritual state is defined by a deep suffering from within the Heart that we manifest outwardly as our conscious experience of the world.

The state of our Heart determines our potential as human beings to experience the world from a place of spiritual abundance, a place from which all goodness of character emanates. It determines our sense of Reality, which is unhinged and erased by trauma. It determines our sense of value, which defines our self-esteem, ultimately determining the nature of our relationships with others and our emotional life.

Thich Nhat Hanh describes in his book, “Fear”, the concept of the “seed of fear.” An Original Trauma at the core of our Being. Untreated, it fills our cup with pain and suffering. When we have internalized our trauma we become defined by it, and it determines the character of our Being and our expectations in life. It is felt as a deep spiritual agitation and anxiety, and we perceive it with a sense of shame, the shame of abandonment. It festers into resentment, anger, jealousy, loneliness. At best, it manifests as self-limited beliefs and a sense of mediocrity and boredom. Untreated, the Heart becomes chaotic. The chaos of the Heart becomes reflected in our perception of the world. It becomes defined by concepts emerging out of chaos.

Our inward reality becomes marred by destructive emotions and negative energy. Afraid to confront them, we resort to coping mechanism. We become steeped in heedlessness and our lives become defined by the distractions that we fill our days with until the time comes that we must confront our own mortality. We remain immature, never transcending our limitations, our old selves, our self-limiting beliefs, our boredom, our sense of mediocrity. We continue to define ourselves by that which is not of us, hoping that it will complete us. We remain in a state of attachment to the material world, clinging and grasping at it, never attaining completion, we suffer.

The Buddha taught that we must learn how to restrain the Mind so that in dwelling within the world and perceiving it, we guard it such that we do not feel a sense of need towards it. “Endowed with this noble restraint over the sense faculties, he is inwardly sensitive to the pleasure of being blameless. This is how a monk guards the doors of his senses.” The pleasure of being blameless is an expression of internal spiritual abundance, something that can be described as having an inherent sense of value. It arises out of perceiving the true nature of Reality within the Heart, which connects us to the Divine Source of all.

This blog is a place to express myself in relation to this spiritual path. I am not a teacher, I am a mere student. I speak from personal experience and study. Whatever I find has been helpful for me in growing spiritually and emotionally I wish to share in order that others may derive benefit. There is much suffering in the world, in our personal lives, and regardless of one’s background I do not believe it ought to be minimized. I wish to help others overcome it. I wish to strive towards my highest potential, to be a good person, and to share that with others so that they too may partake in this journey.

This is not a dogmatic place, for wisdom can be found in all corners of the Soul. Where disillusionment with material dispensations of religion arises, I wish to give access to the spiritual and transcendent Principles upon which all religion is predicated.



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